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  • Quantum Eye glass

    Sold By: Dress up fashion
    • 1. Protects your eyes from the harmful wavelengths of light coming from your screen.

    2.It also activates cells in the eyes to enhance total visual functionality.

    3.It corrects eye defects and helps to eliminate toxins from the eyes.

    such as the formation of high intraocular pressure,glaucoma, cataract, blurred vision, floaters, etc.

    4. Clear the diffuse reflection of the glass

    5.effectively remove all kinds of

    stray light and glare

    6.Improve the visual quality of the lens.

    7 .Makes the vision more clear.

    8.Prevent the aggravation of myopia.

    9.Effectively block ultraviolet ray and prevent blue ray.

    10.It  keeps the eyes active in front of the computer for a long time,

    11.Reduce the fatigue of the eyes.

    • 12.It obviously relieve the discomfort caused by the screen for a long time, such as dry eyes, acid distension, fear of light and tears, headache.
    Sold By: Dress up fashion

    Quantum Eye glass


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